I believe birth is natural and can be an amazing
experience for moms and dads! I help
parents become aware of the choices they have
regarding birth and give them the tools they
need to make informed decisions concerning
their health and the health of their baby.

Birth Boot Camp classes include comprehensive information on multiple topics including nutrition, exercise, pain management, risks/benefits of interventions, breastfeeding, and even what to expect once your sweet baby is here! I love being part of the Birth Boot Camp team helping moms and dads navigate such an exciting time in their lives. As a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor I offer Early Pregnancy, Birth Boot Camp, Reboot classes, and a Siblings class.

Class descriptions:

Class 1 – Defining the Mission: Why Natural Childbirth
Class 2 – P.T. & Chow: Physical Training and Nutrition for Your Birth
Class 3 – Part 1 Setting Up Camp: Choosing Where to Birth, Part 2 Chain of Command: Who Is In Charge of Your Birth?
Class 4 – Countdown to D-Day: Baby On the Move
Class 5 – Deployment: Baby on the Move
Class 6 – Supporting Arms: Mom’s Most Important Ally
Class 7 – Cadence: The Sights and Sounds of Natural Childbirth
Class 8 – The Fog of War: Keeping A Clear Head in Labor
Class 9 – Part 1 The Plan of Action: Establishing Your Priorities and Making a Plan, Part 2 Mission Accomplished! The Immediate Postpartum Period
Class 10 – Life With a New Recruit

***A $50 deposit is due 10 days before classes start to reserve your spot and allow time to order materials. The remaining $275 is due at class 1. Cash, check, and Paypal is accepted.***

I recommend starting classes between 20-26 weeks of pregnancy. If you are further along, contact me and we can talk options! If my schedule doesn’t work for you, there are additional instructors in the area I can put you in touch with as well as online classes.

Birth Boot Camp classes: The $325 fee includes 10 weeks of classes that cover a wide range of pregnancy and labor topics, a full-color, up-to-date Field Guide that comes in a Birth Boot Camp tote, links to online research and resources, and phone support during pregnancy and labor.

Click on the manual to the right to preview the awesome student manual you'll receive at your first class!

When you are prepared for something, that preparation is what transforms how you feel about that event. You won't be fearful but will be able to meet it with anticipation regardless of the outcome.

- Donna Ryan