Bekah Smith
Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor

Serving the greater Indianapolis area.

Hi there! I'm Bekah, a Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor in Fishers, Indiana who loves all things birth, breastfeeding, and babies! My next class series begins September 7th! Reserve your spot today and get ready to have fun while learning about the awesomeness that is birth!

My passion for birth began while I was pregnant with my first and researching natural birth. My mom had three natural births (including one at home!) so I grew up thinking that was normal. Boy was I wrong! The more I learned about birth and maternity care in the US the more I realized although giving birth is about as natural a thing as a woman can do, it is somewhat of a 'lost art'.

My husband and I did all we could to prepare for the birth of our son and I had an amazing, natural birth with an OB in the hospital. I went on to have a c section due to placenta previa and two VBAC homebirths with midwives. All four of my labor experiences were vastly different and yet, because of my intense desire for knowledge and birth education during my first pregnancy I have been prepared for and thoroughly enjoyed each birth.

It is my greatest wish for every mom and dad that they start their parenting journey feeling empowered. Deciding to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor was one of the best decisions I've made and I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have about birth in order for you to become the most empowered, informed, and amazing parent you can be! I am proud to offer the Indianapolis area such an amazing birth class!

Besides birth I love to hang out with my husband and kids riding bikes and watching Star Wars, eating good BBQ, and wearing black. My spirit animal is the flamingo.

All Birth Boot Camp Instructors complete the following requirements to achieve certification:

- Have a natural birth, free of pain medication
- Breastfeed for a minimum of 1 year
- Complete required reading
- Attend two births
- Compile a list of community resources
- Attend training
- Pass certification exam


At Birth Boot Camp instructor training!

My birth stories:

An amazing, natural hospital birth
while tornado sirens were going off!

A scheduled c section
due to complete
placenta previa.

A fast, intense VBAC
at home.

My second homebirth coming soon!

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

-Margaret Fuller